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What GlideStreet have been up to over the past year

It’s been a crazy ride for the duo over the last 18 months. Since becoming the pianist for two-time Grammy award winner, Guitarist ‘Albert Lee’, Ross has performed on international television (BBC 4: Old Grey Whistle Test Live Special) and on six European tours. Performing with Albert has given Ross the opportunity to work on multiple festivals and to back the likes of ‘Chris Farlowe’ and ‘Maggie Bell’. Ross is now excited to announce, in just over a week’s time he will be opening for ‘Mark Knofler’ in Geneva.

BBC 4: Old Grey Whistle Test Live Special

BBC 4: Old Grey Whistle Test Live Special

Guitare en Scene supporting Mark Knofler

Guitare en Scene supporting Mark Knofler

Philip has been hard at work too, playing bass and synth bass for the awesome, indie rock band, ‘Get Cape’! Performing and co-writing on their new upcoming album alongside, ‘Sam Duckworth’, as well as playing on their tours and festivals.  In a couple of weeks they will be opening for Sting in Budapest – which Philip (rightly so) is ecstatic about!

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 13.30.17.png

Watch this space as the busy duo are back in the studio working on multiple new projects over the next few months.

Fall of Civilization: Official Soundtrack is out now!

We are pleased to announce that the "Fall of Civilization" video game official soundtrack went on sale yesterday, two days ahead of the launch of the video game itself. If you click on the link below you can grab your own copy of the album for just £3, it features 8 tracks from the video game. If you purchase a copy it would be helping out a small business and would mean the absolute world to the both of us!
And lastly, a massive shout out to our session musicians, Fernando, Ollie Sears and Callum Green for providing awesome percussion on this project! We owe you guys some beers!

Fall of Civilization due for release on Steam!

Hey guys! It's been a while since our last blog, we have been busy in the studio drinking tea and working on new material, that will be up for sale on MusicDealers soon. In other good news, the video game we worked on last year (Fall of Civilization) has been Greenlit by the Steam community, and with the backing of Valve, is due for release on Steam in the near future. To view the current progress of the game's release, click here.

This is really exciting news for us, we really enjoyed working on this project and it is so satisfying to know our music will be in this awesome game. Don't forget, we'll be releasing an official soundtrack to coincide with the launch of the game. We'll do a little feature on our soundtrack once it's live, and let you know how to get your mits on your own copy. 


Updated news 'Fall of Civilization'

We have some updated news on the highly anticipated apocalyptic, video game, 'Fall of Civilization' 

We are about halfway though finishing the soundtrack for the game and we're having a lot of fun writing material for it! After investing a lot of time into experimenting with different objects to try and create the creepiest and unsettling sounds within the music, we are very happy with the results. The player will be left feeling on-edge and uneasy, as they make their way through the wasteland, we really wanted the music to convey that danger could be lurking round every corner.

Below is another track that will be featured in the game, plus a sneak peek at one of the base design layouts.   

For all the latest news on 'Fall of Civilization' follow us and @CivFallof on Twitter.

Music for 'Fall of Civilization'

We are pleased to announce that GlideStreetMusic have the honour of working with talented game developer, Luke Dodds on his new upcoming apocalyptic strategy/simulator based video game 'Fall Of Civilization'.

Due for release May 2016, this game puts the player in the shoes of a survivor at the end of the world, creating their own story and controlling a faction of people, the player chooses how to live in the new world and what rules there are.

Players can build up their economy and upgrade their base to draw in more survivors to the community, but beware! The stronger you get, the more likely other factions will start looking at you. The choices you make as a player in this game determine how the world and its inhabitants treat you.

This is going to be an awesome game! And we can't wait for the finished product. 

Below are some teasers from the game, the first two tracks we made for 'The Fall of Civilization' and some exclusive character artwork. 

If you would like to find out more about 'The Fall of Civilization' and its progress, click on the link below.